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Composer - Pianist - Electronic Musician

Personal Statement

I am inspired by the varieties of musical experience, and the (re)conceptualization of musical dimensions and parameters. I approach composition from the point of view of self-realization, where you become awakened to your conditioning, your embodied aesthetics, and psychological tendencies. I believe the creative act allows us to confront our internal strategies and the goal, for myself at least, is to work through my conditioning towards the discovery of new modes and conditions of listening.  Music exhibits a paradoxical, and multi-dimensional nature for me. Does it represent a language, a situation or a gesture? Does music represent a contemplative art or a sensing art? Can music’s role be merely entertainment or can it have effects socially, politically, spiritually, or even biologically? I present no answers to these questions, since I believe it is not up to us to choose one path but to investigate and explore all paths. From this, we may discover not what music is but what it could be.






Observing the Ph(r)aseEnsemble Recherche
00:00 / 09:15
Un/DividedEnsemble Experimental
00:00 / 20:48
OntheSensationsofTone_IINew Music Concerts Toronto
00:00 / 15:48
Pose IV: In SituNoam Bierstone
00:00 / 17:50
Ksana IIEnsemble Contemporaine de Montréal
00:00 / 15:13
BardoEnsemble Recherche + Les Cris de Paris
00:00 / 08:56
VerschmelzungStereo Fixed Media
00:00 / 12:42
Horizontal and Vertical Forces IStereo Fixed Media
00:00 / 07:30








In Progress

2020 - Pose VII - bass flute and electronics
- for Maruta Staravoitava (Germany)

2020 - solo guitar and electronics

- for Colin McAllister (USA)

2020/21 - solo violin and electronics

- for Ilana Waniuk (Canada)

2021  - piano, vibraphone and percussion

- for the Passepartout Duo (Germany)

2021/22 - string quartet and electronics

- for Quatuor Bozzini (Canada)

2021/22 - Saxophone, Percussion and electronics

- for Scapegoat (Canada/Austria)


Theatreworks-UCCS Presents - USA, 2020

Turning Pont Ensemble, Vancouver, Canada, 2019

Bozzini Quartet + Erreur de Type 27, Quebec City, Canada 2019
LUX:NM, Berlin, Germany 2017
Hellqvist/Amaral/Hyde/Bierstone Project, 2017
Architek Percussion, Montréal, Canada 2016
Hayley-Laufer Duo, New York, USA 2016
New Music Concerts Toronto, Canada 2016
Noam Bierstone, Montréal, Canada 2016
Turning Point Ensemble. Vancouver, Canada 2015
Ensemble EXPERIMENTAL, Freiburg, Germany 2015
Ensemble Contemporaine de Montréal (ECM+), Montréal, Canada 2014
Dresden Philharmonie, Dresden, Germany 2014
Ensemble Recherche, Freiburg, Germany 2014
SWR EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO, Freiburg, Germany 2013
Codes Acces, Montréal, Canada 2012
Fondation Royaumont, Paris, France 2011
Dorothea Hayley, Montréal, Canada 2011
Live@CIRMMT, Montréal, Canada 2011
New Works Calgary, Calgary, Canada 2011
Bravo!FACT, Toronto, Canada 2010
New Orford String Quartet, Montréal, Canada 2010
Toca Loca Ensemble, Montréal, Canada 2009
L’Orchestre de la Francophonie Canadienne, Ottawa, Canada 2009
Rubbing Stone Ensemble, Calgary, Canada 2009
Merce Cunningham Company, New York, USA 2007






Mellow felt-piano and electronics album

Ambient album in collaboration with Saxophonist, Improvisor, and Composer Joshua Hyde

This album presents two works within my 'Poses' series - a larger series of works, each for a solo performer and electronics.

This is an album of free-improvised piano music. In contrast to my written composition work, here I explore musical freedom - music without predefined structures and systematized musical parameters, neither embracing nor rejecting any stylistic or aesthetic values. Thus, the music here represents the mental state and physical abilities of a particular time and place culminating in an instantaneous composition.

Label: Polish Composer's Union
Catalog number : Polmic 133

Pose II: On the Shadows of Ideas(2013) - for Piano and Live Electronics

Performed by Rei Nakamura (Piano) and the SWR EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO (Electronics)

Rubbing Stone Ensemble
Label: Centaur
Catalog number : CMCCD19213

UnRavel (2009) - for Violin, Ondes Martenot samples, and live electronics

Performed by Donovan Seidle











Tan, A. (2019), "Reality Sounding: Annesley Black's not thinking about the elephants." Circuit: Musique Contemporaines 29,       no.3 (2019): 73-90.

Tan, A. (2019). Memory and Synchronicity: Two approaches to Live Electronics. In Live Electronics im/in SWR Experimentalstudio.   Wolke Verlag.

Tan, A. (2014, June). Timbre as Vertical Process: Attempting a Perceptually Informed Functionality of Timbre.   In Electroacoustic Music Studies Network Conference (EMS14), Berlin, Germany.

Tan, A. (2015). Ksana: Compositional Control of Spectral Fusion as a Parameter of Timbre Functionality (Doctoral dissertation, McGill University Libraries).




6/6/20 - 6/10/20 and 8/10/20 - 8/14/20 -  Twisted Spruce Guitar and Composition Symposium
4/25/20 - Montréal, Canada - Quatuor Bozzini - Performance of Ways of Returning 
3/12/20 - 3/29/20 - Colorado Springs, USA - Theatre Works Production of  An Iliad, Incidental music
3/12/20 - Colorado Springs, USA - Bozzini Quartet Residency - Performance of Ways of Returning 
1/12/20 - San Diego, USA - SoundON Festival - Performance of On the Sensations of Tone II
1/9/20 - San Diego, USA - SoundON Festival - Solo piano and electronics set
11/20/19 - Colorado Springs, USA - Peak FreQuency Festival - UCCS - George Lewis Residency - Solo piano performance of Endless Shout
11/9/19 and 11/11/19 - Vancouver, Canada - Turning Point Ensemble - Musical Innovators - Premiere of And/Or for large chamber ensemble and electronics
9/20/19 - Colorado Springs, USA - Horowitz Piano Festival - Solo piano performance of Rzewski's Piano Piece No. 4









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